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Hurricane Garage Door Installation

Is your Garage Door Secure?
As a resident of Central Florida, the threat of a Hurricane is very real. And if your garage door does not meet current wind load codes, your entire house might be at risk.

A garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening of a residential home. And it’s their large size that makes garage doors, especially two-car garage doors, more susceptible to wind damage than other exterior openings. High winds from hurricanes and tornadoes exert tremendous positive and negative forces on a garage door causing it to flex inward and outward which can damage a garage door, force it off of its track, and even blow it in. And if wind enters a garage, it can cause dangerous and extensive structural damage as an uncontrolled buildup of internal pressure occurs resulting in a blowout of the roof and supporting walls. Even the American Red Cross stated that once the garage door goes, the full power of a hurricane enters the home, blowing off the roof, and resulting in major damage to, if not complete destruction of the home.

The key to protecting your home and its structural integrity against a hurricane or tornado is to have a garage door installed that is wind load code compliant. Homeowners with older garage doors may not even realize that their older door can pose a big threat to their property. To meet the wind code, garage doors will have additional bracing, heavier gauge tracking, and other necessary hardware to make it more resistant and keep it in place under high winds. United Garage Doors Inc. can upgrade your existing door or install a new garage door that meets the local wind load requirements and complements your home. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.



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